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About us

'May your coffee be strong and your lashes long' #Vividliy Chic

Vividliy Chic formally known as Vividliy Creative was founded in 2012 by Aahliyah Amerat. Aahliyah studied in business management, Make up and semi permanent eyelash extensions straight out of school after her education in state college did not work out. After 6 years of doing Make up and lashes freelance she decided to take a break from self employment and went it to property management where she met Francesca Marcantonio. Francesca was interested in getting her lashes done before but never trusted anyone enough to do it.
Aahliyah used her knowledge and passion for lashes to explain why lashes would be the best decision of Francesca's beauty life and she was convinced. Aahliyah and Francesca built a relationship outside of their office job every 3 weeks over a Turkish take away and an episode of Jane the virgin on Netflix. An evening of Aahliyah talking about her dream salon and Francesca's urge to change careers and open her own ice cream parlour, Francesca saw an opportunity and offered to invest in her dreams. Aahliyah's initial response was shock horror that someone believed in the dream enough to offer investment, she was over the moon and jumped to the opportunity. That very week was the Birth of Vividliy Chic ltd. 
Vividliy Chic have a very clear ethos which is to 'Be the most beautiful you' we promote excellence in people. We hope to uplift and inspire as many people as we can with our community events and youth support programmes launching summer 2019.   
Vividliy Chic's promise to you;
- We will ensure healthy lashes and brows at all times
- We will advise you as best we can on what your lash and brow journey should be
- We will do our best to make you as happy as possible with our services 
- We will put love and care into every one of our teas and coffees your take away
- We will make you feel at home as soon as you step foot into our boutique
- We hope you wake up the most beautiful you after every treatment, until it's time for your infill!?
Please note our terms here  and after care statement